2015 Liga MX Clausura: Five Conclusions from Week 10

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By Rafael

1) Daniel Guzman has struck the right balance with this Tijuana side.

Xolos de Tijuana extended their gap at the top of table to four points after their emphatic 3-1 victory over Veracruz on Friday night. Daniel Guzman’s team is in sensational form and their victory on Friday was the first time Veracruz lost this season.

The early criticism for Tijuana was that perhaps they were too dependent on their star players, but on Friday, they showed that they have enough tricks in the midfield and defense to sway a game in their favor. Individuals like Gabriel Hauche, Dayro Moreno, and Juan Arango always seem to score at the right moment, but it has been Tijuana’s ability to take leads and hold on to games that makes them an even tougher side to beat. Indeed, it may not be too early for Daniel Guzman to start drawing out liguilla schemes.

2) Leones Negros continue to roar towards survival.

Three weeks ago, Leones Negros were favorites to go down, and now the team from the University of Guadalajara is closer than ever to survival. Their 1-0 win over Monarcas Morelia on Friday was their third straight victory, and a positive result next week against a declining Chiapas will put further pressure on their relegation rivals. With a week off after week 11, due to the international break, pressure is everybody’s enemy, and Leones Negros is the one catching the most stress-free sleep this week.


Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Last week, I spoke of the importance of somebody other than Marco Fabian scoring for Chivas. In the battle between the last two of the relegation table, Erick “Cubo” Torres took up the mantle and scored what could be the two most important goals in the relegation battle this season. As a result, Chivas opened a five-point gap over Puebla, who are last in the relegation table.

Chivas are not a dominant side, and their best trait is when they manage to score goals and frustrate their opponents on the defensive end. Aldo de Nigris worked well under that environment before his injury, and Jose Manuel de La Torre may want to consider starting Cubo Torres in the next game.

4) Pumas win their second straight.

Pumas’ 2-0 victory against 10-man Chiapas ended an 18-game undefeated streak by Jaguares at the Estadio Victor Manuel Reyna, and in addition, Pumas earned their second consecutive victory of the campaign. Pumas currently sit at 15th in the league table, but in the nature of a league where any small run can propel you to a playoff spot, Pumas still have a chance. They are four points away from seventh-place Puebla, who they face next week, and inconsistency can only be their biggest adversary. In case they don’t continue their positive run, they are sure to be in the spotlight again more than once this season; they are yet to play three of the teams involved in the relegation battle(Puebla, Leones Negros, and Veracruz).

5) Marco Bueno and “Cubo” Torres show young Mexican strikers deserve a chance.

Marco Bueno scored in the closing seconds to help Toluca earn a late 1-0 win over Queretaro on Sunday. The road hasn’t been easy for Bueno, who was once rumored to be on the verge of playing for Liverpool. The former U-17 World Cup winner has had to endure a large part of his professional career playing from the bench but has played a large part of Toluca’s team this season.

Like Raul Jimenez, now at Atletico Madrid, Marco Bueno can score goals, but it is about what he does without the ball that makes him a great player. Other young Mexican strikers like Eduardo Herrera and Cubo Torres have also shown that they can score goals when given the chance, and it is just a matter of continuity for them to find increased success.

Bonus: 6) It was great watching Luis Montes score a goal again.

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