Match Report: Chivas end 2014 with a win

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By Rafael

It was scrappy, but a win is a win. Chivas finished their horrible 2014 in a slightly positive note with a win over last-place Monarcas Morelia. It was 13 games without a win for Chivas heading into this game.

It didn’t take long when Omar Bravo, after only 6 minutes, picked up his own rebound from a header that hit the post and scored the opener. At moments, in the beginning of this game, it looked like the international break did wonders for Chivas. The forwards looked active in the attack, always making dangerous runs into the box.

They reaped in the rewards of their early offensive display when Omar Bravo scored his second. Left unmarked in the box, Bravo slotted in a header to put Chivas up 2-0.

However, Chivas would gradually start losing control of the game. After Jose Guadalupe Cruz changed his personnel around, Morelia got a goal back near the end of the first half. Luis Morales, an ex Chivas player, towered above the Chivas right back to score on his ex-team.

Chivas slowed down their pace in the attack even more in the beginning of the second half, and Morelia started to have more of the ball. Testament to that, Alanis in the 58th minute forced a save from Antonio Rodriguez  that almost leveled the score . Guajardo in the 60th minute came close again after hitting the crossbar.

Morelia went on to dominate the rest of the game, but Chivas held on. It wasn’t pretty but Chivas got their first win since September 7.

The game finalized an awful season for both teams that saw them finish as the bottom two in the table. Chivas will now try to escape relegation in 2015, and Morelia will try to improve next season while juggling an important 2015 Copa Liberadores qualifier.

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